Saturday, August 8, 2015

Window to His Love

Not to brag, but this is the view from my bedroom window. This view is the reason my husband and I put all of our pennies towards buying our house. 

Imagine covering up this window.  And not with sheer curtains that still let you peek through to see the evening sky, but with dark, heavy, dust covered curtains that were purchased back in 1963. What a waste of a window if we kept it covered all the time. We would be missing out on seeing God.

Our hearts and our lives are like my bedroom window. There is so much beauty to be seen, but only if the curtains are pulled back so that God’s handiwork can be admired.

Sisters, we are the window to God’s love.  Every day, we encounter people who are admiring the view (girl, I know you’re pretty, but that’s not the view I’m talking about). 

Can they see God’s handiwork?  Or is it covered by dark, heavy curtains?

Each morning we when wake up to begin a new day, we start with a window that has been opened for us. Throughout the day we are the ones that determine what others will see.  

Let’s take a second to look at that picture above.
It’s beautiful. There is so much to see. The color of the sky, the shape of the clouds, the sun’s rays shining through. I can look at that picture and see God’s handiwork. I don’t need to hear anything to know that God created that beautiful scene. I’m sure there were birds chirping and possibly the rustle of a gentle breeze. But even then, those sounds would be beautiful. 

That is how God wants to be represented by each of us.  The view of His handiwork in us should look like kind hearts and joyful living. People should be able to see His spirit in our actions and our love for others. The sounds our observers hear should match the gentleness of birds chirping or the low rustle of leaves of a tree.  Our words should be soft to the ear and soothing to the soul.

We are the window to God’s love. What do others view in you?

It’s easy to take something as beautiful as that view from my bedroom window and cover it was dark, heavy shades.  The same principal holds true with the view of our lives. A bad day at work, someone cut you off on the freeway, your dinner burned in the oven, you can’t find your keys, your dog ate your shoe…anything can happen throughout the day that has the potential to draw the curtains over God’s spirit in us.

Each day we rise with a beautiful view of God’s spirit in our hearts. By choosing how we live and respond to situations, we are determining the view that others see. 

I keep my bedroom window curtains open from sun up to sun down. The view is just too beautiful and I am anxious to see God’s beauty because it’s different every day. He surprises me with variations of color and winds that move the clouds. It would be a shame to cover my bedroom window because I am the one who is missing out on His beauty.

Be the window to God’s love. Let the world view His spirit in you. As people move throughout the day, let them interact with the most beautiful of God’s creations: you.
Within your soul is the most beautiful view. You are the most gorgeous sunset. You are the gentleness of a cool breeze. You are the promise of new day filled with hope.
You are God’s handiwork, and He wants everyone to see what He has made.


(This article was originally written by Jennifer Osler and featured as a guest blog post on


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