Wednesday, September 3, 2014

What'd He Say?

Happy Wednesday!! I came across this little pearl of wisdom and wanted to share it with all of my friends. I absolutely fell in love with this and it was exactly what I needed to plug into my heart.

So often I hear the argument that the bible is "so old, it's not relevant in today's world" or, my personal favorite, "it's just fiction." Nothing could be further from the truth. There is an answer for everything in God's word. 

I work 4 days a week and on my one weekday away from the office, I don't usually watch television. I'm either running errands or trying to clean or, on a lucky day, having coffee or lunch with a girlfriend. But there was a day, a long time ago, when I actually was able to sit and watch some daytime television. After indulging in my guilty pleasure of a soap opera I remember my grandmother watching during the summer days I would spend at her home, I caught a daytime talk show. Dr. Phil. Now, don't get judgmental, I know some people love him and some people can't stand him. I'm neither. But the one thing I do remember about the advice he was giving was that it was actually biblical. I don't know much about Dr. Phil; I don't know about his religious beliefs or his background. Part of me thinks, "hmmm, I don't think he realizes this is biblical advice," but then part of me wants to think, "he must know scripture!" I have no idea. Maybe you do. But either way, he gave that particular piece of advice to this couple because he knew it would work. Why is that? Because it was actually advice given by God, whether Dr. Phil knew that or not. And any advice given to us by God will work. Hello, book of Proverbs. An entire book with little nuggets of advice. Go ahead, take some time and read through Proverbs. Start with chapter 1, verses 1-7. There is a specific purpose for the book of Proverbs:

"...for gaining wisdom and instruction; for understanding words of insight; for receiving instruction in prudent behavior, doing what is right and just and fair."

And you know what's amazing? Everything in there still holds true today. I'm pretty sure that living in a desert is a better option than living with a quarrelsome and nagging wife (Proverbs 21:19) and I'm convinced that a gentle answer is better than harsh words, which bring up anger (Proverbs 15:1). How about that. Biblical advice is still relevant. Because guess what?? All the problems, attitudes, difficulties and annoyances then are the same as today's. Why? Because we're human. 

God's word is alive. It's meant to be used. In every area of your life. So when you say you can't, God says you can. When you don't feel loved, God says you are. Dig into that awesome, incredible and perfect book. He wrote it for you.

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