Saturday, July 25, 2015


My 11 year old daughter came to me and said, "Mom, I wrote something I'd like for you to hear." She may look nothing like me, but her desire to journal and write out her thoughts is one hundred percent me. She proceeded to read her journal entry to me. As she read it to me, I realized a couple of things:

1) wow. This is her heart, right now, as a preteen preparing to enter middle school, and she has many good points that are applicable to my own adult life.
2) she is gaining true knowledge and she is building her own convictions!
3) she is beautiful..

Without further delay, please allow me to (proudly) introduce my daughter, Ms. Amanda, and her first blog entry:


Being a preteen or a teen can be hard and rough at times, but having God by our side really helps. Temptation, as all you girls know, is at every school. There is always that one girl or group of girls that is popular and thinks that they are better then everyone else (which they're not). In fact, no one is better then anyone because we are better in our own way. It's called being yourself/unique. So anyways, about temptation, who cares if someone makes fun of you! Just don't take it personally and leave/walk away, you don't need to change your personality just because someone made fun of you.

Anyway, God throws us tests of faith thats why when we go through times like this we have to trust God and pray about it, but Satan can also join in on this test and try to pull us away from God, he tries to make us fail the test, which is why during temptation we have to trust God. During temptation, like people dealing you drugs or making fun of you because you wont do drugs, or something else, we have a choice. God has a path for us but so does life, we have a choice because God gave us free will. now we have to make the choice.

~ Ms. Amanda


Know what I thought as she read this to me? "Me, too." 

What choices do I make when faced with temptation? In my adult life I'm not exactly being offered drugs, but I have been verbally persecuted for my faith ("church-goer," "boring," "no fun," "dont judge me," etc). I've been offered more alcohol while at dinner or a social setting; slander and gossip swirl around me, even society in general ("you aren't going to watch '50 Shades' or 'Magic Mike?!'") greets me with temptation.

So what choices do I make? Do I give in to peer pressure or do I stand firm in my faith in God? My daughter has been nervous about starting middle school; she is fearful of having multiple teachers and trying to find her way around campus. But she is most fearful of peer pressure and temptation. And although I'm an adult, I completely understand. It's what I fear, as well. "What will people think of me, are they going to make fun of me, will they still like me?"  If we're being honest, even the most confident woman in the world occasionally suffers these same thoughts. 

We have a choice to make in every situation. Stand firm in God or fall into temptation. God loves us enough to give us free will; He allows us to live our lives they way in which we prefer. He has a plan for each of us, but we have to be willing to seek out that plan and follow His word. 

You have the freedom of choice...
What choice will you make?



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