Monday, August 25, 2014


I don't know about you, but I love Instagram and I love seeing everyone's photos of their families, their selfies, their lunches, their memories - I just love it!  

I also love getting a daily dose of inspiration and motivation by seeing heart-tugging quotes or sayings backdropped by cute picutres or beautiful scenery.  It helps to lighten my mood, it makes me smile and it causes me to think twice...

For instance, my trainer (I pay her to torture my body, but really, she's more of a friend) will often post motivational photos on Instagram that inspire me to want to work my booty off (check her out: @personaltrainingbykellynave). I love scrolling through everyone's photos that make me happy and then BAM! I'm suddenly motivated to drop down and hold a 3 minute plank!  I can't do it, but boy, do I want to!

Well, in an effort to keep myself motivated while running the race for God, this blog will host an Instagram account for anybody who would like to have a daily dose of: "keep going, girl, you got this." 

Follow the blog on Instagram: @spirituallysingleblog



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